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Trust & Liquidation

Trust & Liquidation

As a Trustee or Plan Administrator, Province, in its fiduciary capacity, provides qualified management to navigate the bankruptcy process and post-effective date liquidating trusts. Utilizing our experience as leaders in the business and legal sectors, we are an active participant in the process; we affirmatively address the claims reconciliation process, effectively market and liquidate assets, analyze and prosecute preference recovery avenues & cash on hand and help our constituents to realize the highest recovery value for stakeholders and beneficiaries.

Province cost effectively manages lawyers and other professionals with a lean staff. We find roles for appropriate and vetted personnel from the former debtor and establish necessary partnerships with other case-specific, cost-effective vendors, therefore managing the process to its best result.

Key Tenets:
  • Claims Reconciliation
  • Administration
  • Litigation Support
Expeditious Review of Large Claims Pools
Trust Asset Valuation
Preference and Avoidance Analyses